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AutoRun Malware: Why your computer is summoning dark lords after you plugged in that parking lot USB

      For the last three weeks you've overheard your coworkers go on and on about the MMORPG they've been playing online. Curiosity starts gnawing at the resistance you've put up against the peer pressure of falling prey to another trend. Your wall finally crumbles as one coworker from the group passes your cubicle, and her eyes light up at your prospective interest in hours of mythical exploration and orc-slaying. "I can actually bring you a copy of the game on a flash drive tomorrow if you'd like!" You smile and accept her amenable offer.     Fast forward to the next evening; your coworker followed through and you're beyond excited to install the game and finally get to experience what everyone has been raving about. You plug the drive in and as you're about to open File Explorer, things start going amiss. Your computer starts acting strangely without you even having clicked anything.     As you could probably tell from the title and this ravishing t

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